What are the most common superstitions in the casino?

Players are possibly some of the most superstitious people in the world and can do the most curious things to try to attract luck. 80% of regular gamblers admit to being superstitious, doing some kind of ritual before and during their gaming sessions or wearing some kind of amulet.

Casino games and especially roulette, craps and slots require a good deal of luck. Some prefer to focus on their skills and common sense and others prefer to wear red underwear or carry a rabbit’s foot in their pocket.

Gambling and superstition in the casino

Many articles have been written and a lot has been said about the relationship between gambling and superstitions and it has been concluded that it is very easy for these beliefs to develop in players and provide a basis for future gaming sessions.

After all, superstitions are intrinsic to human nature, they have accompanied man since knowledge. Long before religions, sacred rituals and spells already existed, although, luckily, we have gone from sacrificing online casino singapore to touching wood.

Not all hobbies are developed by personal decisions, many players have no doubts about existing beliefs. They unconsciously choose to believe certain superstitions: If you think that playing cross-legged poker brings you bad luck, you may lose because you subconsciously expected to lose. And if this happens that belief will be reinforced.

If a player wins, he will try to recreate the same environment and the same situations in the following sessions. Similarly, if you lose, you will try to find out what caused your bad luck. For example, if you have a couple of bad rounds with the same dealer, you will probably develop the idea that that dealer does not bring you good luck.

Popular superstitions

Rituals: are actions or routines designed to attract luck. They can range from crossing your fingers to blowing dice to knocking on wood.

Company: some players consider that the presence of a certain person can bring them luck or bad luck. Some may even kiss their companion as part of the ritual.

Leaving the table: there are those who believe that getting up from the table during the session can cause them to lose their good streak. Although there are those who think just the opposite and prefer to get up from time to time.

Lucky Garments – Many people apply this not just to gambling but to many other aspects of their lives. They are different pieces of clothing that make the owner believe that they are going to help him win the jackpot.

Lucky Numbers and Colors: This belief is not so rare due to the influence of numbers on religion as well. 7 is widely regarded as the number of good luck that attracts prosperity, which is why it appears so often in slot machines. Likewise, people tend to always play the same numbers in the lottery.

In the same way, the number 13 is feared in many cultures and is associated with death. Many airlines don’t have row 13 in their seats!

Colors also have a great influence, especially in Asian cultures where players often wear red clothes or bet on the color red on roulette. In Macau (the capital of Asian gambling) even red rooms are enabled in casinos. Likewise in Asia the white color represents mourning and bad omen.

Charms: There are many items that are worn as good luck charms. The horseshoe, the four-leaf clover and the rabbit’s foot are among the most common, although some prefer to carry any other type of favorite object, such as a picture of Saint Pancracio!

There are also objects that are considered to bring bad luck such as umbrellas, broken mirrors or black cats.

Some amulets and rituals have different meanings in different cultures and nationalities, so it is important to respect the beliefs of each one.

“Sleeping number”: consists of the superstition that those lockers in which, throughout the night the balls have never landed, are more likely to leave in the near future. In fact, some players record the spins and consult them before placing the next bets.

Slots: Generally, players do not want to bet on machines that have already hit a big jackpot that night. This is mainly due to the fact that they believe that he will not give it again in the following hours.

Lucky in the game, unlucky in love?

Not always! The inventor of the card counting method, Edward E. Thorp, made hundreds of millions and had a happy marriage that lasted more than 50 years. Also the billionaire and mathematician Bill Benter (who created a formula to predict the outcome of horse racing) has a wife and children.

Benefits of superstitions

As long as you don’t let superstitions control you, believing that something can bring you luck can even be beneficial. If you feel on a streak of good luck you will probably be happy and relaxed and it will make you have a better time while you play. By not having stress, you will surely make better decisions.

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